3 Simple Secrets


Successful people know that help them avoid feeling stressed out.

#3. They smile often and have positive expectations.
Successful people are abundant minded and have positive expectations.

They seek help and are open in their process, welcoming possibilites for change. If you are reading this, you are probably one of these people.

Most people,are unaware of the source of their pain. Overwhelm can trigger peope to over react in situations they otherwise would not. 
#2. Know how to flow between emotional & mental ups and downs.
Liberation from pressure, panic  & pain is possible. 

Successful people know how to engage in the ups and downs of life. it is common to snap when people are pushed beyond their limit, into overwhelm. The ability 
to flow in and out of stressful moments is an important skill because stress is a daily part of life.
Pleasure is the #1 antedote to stress. So many people are not aware of the pleasure that is in their lives. Or if they are they don't slow down to take it in vicerally. Orienting to pleasure is an important process in helping the part of the brain that controls survival, to realize it's safe.

#1. Have strong boundaries.
Most people can not say no without guilt or shame. They have a struggle in knowing their limit because of the stuck "on" or "off" in the nervous system as shown in the diagram above.

 The desire to be liked can keep many from setting boundaries, but it allows people to treat us like a door mats, many men have this challenge as well. 

 Many people then become angry at 
themselves for not holding their boundaries. Anger left unexpressed is internalized which can cause physical pain or turn into depression. It can then spiral into illness as the body breaks down under the presssure of stress. Healthy strong boundaries are necessary for our mental, physical and emotional health. 
Allow me to share with you a simple solution to healing.

The Calm Solution is mind & body focused. It is a very g
entle process changing neuro-pathways in the brain over time, creating the change you desire, deserve and are determined to create!

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